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by  |  24-Dec-2016 19:07

While some bricks-and-mortar businesses used for dating may be suffering, others — like matchmaking services — are evolving alongside the digital dating world.The multi-billion dollar online dating industry is having a huge impact on other businesses.

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“They really are casting a wide net.”Matt Casselman, who spent 15 years working in Toronto’s DJ and nightclub scene, says online dating is a big reason many Torontonians have cut clubbing out of their weekend activities.

He says that’s had a noticeable impact on the industry.“There was a time when Toronto’s entertainment district had dozens of large night clubs all operating on the weekend.

Dozens of these once-popular meeting spots for members of the gay community have closed across the U. In Toronto, there are still several thriving bathhouse locations, but even they have felt the impact of dating apps.

Steamworks on Church St., for instance, now encourages customers to use the bathhouse for meet-ups so people don’t have to give out home addresses to online contacts.

Once you've created an online profile, you can search, browse and view thousands of online personals of other members.

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