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Investigations of many archaeological sites in the Santa Barbara Channel region have recovered a large number of artifacts known as digging stick weights.

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It is also unclear how obsidian procurement patterns differed during the periods before and after this late Holocene peak in trading activity.

I propose to answer these questions by dating sites from the Don Pedro reservoir collection and creating obsidian source profiles from these sites.

In a region where dating archaeological remains is difficult, a combination of obsidian hydration and radiocarbon dating will be used to assess hypothesized diachronic shifts in settlement patterns.

The proposed research will clarify our understanding of territorial behavior from a theoretical standpoint while shedding light on the culture history and material record of an often overlooked area of California and the Great Basin.

We will compare the results to models developed elsewhere in the Central Valley to determine the extent to which cultural and behavioral ecology models must be adjusted for the local chronology and conditions. James Bennyhoff by refining California cultural chronology and exploring the emergence of Patwin ethnogeography.

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