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Switzerland has stood as the appointed mediator in regulating the conflict between Georgia and Russia since 2009.

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The active contribution from Swiss companies and investors to Georgia’s development in creating work places, establishing quality standards and providing trainings, as well as international outreach and innovation, was also underlined by Ambassador Beglinger.

“Switzerland is committed to contributing to conflict transformation, reconciliation and peace-building in the South Caucasus region, in addition to protecting power mandates on behalf of Georgia and of the Russian Federation”.“Our partnership is growing stronger in all dimensions; covering political, economic, and cultural, and all other fields,” the PM said, adding that Georgia is to host Doris Leuthard, President of the Swiss Confederation, in December this year and on September 1, the Free Trade Agreement with the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) will come into force.

In 2016, Switzerland was Georgia’s nineteenth commercial partner, worth $124 million in trade, making up 1.32 percent of Georgia’s total trade, while Swiss exports to Georgia amounted to $42 million, and exports from Georgia to Switzerland made $82 million, according to the latest figures.

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