Dating namibia swakopmund

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The Woermannhaus, built in 1906 with a prominent tower, is now a public library.

Attractions in Swakopmund include a Swakopmund Museum, the National Marine Aquarium, a crystal gallery and spectacular sand dunes near Langstrand south of the Swakop River.

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After Namibian independence from South Africa in 1990 many street names were changed from their original German, or in some cases, Afrikaans names, to honor (mostly black) Namibians.

For example in 2001, then-president of Namibia Sam Nujoma renamed the main street (Kaiser-Wilhelm-Strae) Sam Nujoma Avenue in honor of himself.

It is equipped with five meter and nine meter satellite dishes.

In August 2008 filming commenced in Swakopmund on the AMC television series The Prisoner starring Jim Caviezel and Sir Ian Mc Kellen.

The Swakopmund jetty houses a small restaurant and bar, while sights to visit include the Swakopmund Museum, a snake park and the main beach area, called ‘the Mole’. It experiences a temperate climate, and early mornings can get pretty cold, with an accompanying mist.

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