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Carmine, the most desirable color next to rose glow. This seems to be the most efficient way to list 7 different Esterbrooks.The trim on the cap is bright and shiny, and original. These have been in my collection for some time, collecting dust, and the display case is full.For instance, the first plunger fillers were WASP pens, not Sheaffer, and the design was tweaked before it was released bearing the Sheaffer name.

The original celluloid rod has been replaced with a new one of stainless steel. COMMENTS: This military clip Balance is exceptionally clean.

No brassing, excellent imprint, a nice smooth #5 nib.

Priced a little lower than where I usually price these because of the initials in the cap band.

COMMENTS: The story is that the military required that flap pockets on uniform shirts had to be able to close flat - no pen sticking up or out the side.

But unlike the Esterbrook where you could change just the nib, you had to change out the entire section with a sac attached... The pen was out of production by the time the USA entered WWII.

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