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Back at home, Soos starts up the game and is introduced to . Dipper and Mabel appear asking where Soos is, to which Stan replies that he had not come to work today, for the first time ever.

GIFfany, a pink haired girl that studies at the game's setting, a magic romance academy. GIFfany asks Soos to carry her books, and Soos chooses the wrong answer, but . GIFfany finds him amusing and laughs leading Soos to wonder why anyone would abandon the game as it was so realistic it was almost as if . Dipper and Mabel head towards Soos' house, where they find him still slouched in front of the computer, having interacted with .

The kid is doubtful, so Stan demonstrates the attraction by inserting his nickel into it.

The worn-out Goldie barely manages to tip his hat before he begins screaming as his eyes pop out and oil begins spewing from his mouth, which causes the kid to run away in fear, crying. Stan declines, but accidentally slips and gets his arms caught in Goldie's mouth, causing Stan to panic and yell "Kill it! Meanwhile, Soos' attempts at getting a date by asking customers in the Mystery Shack fail spectacularly.

for once again making it a constructive and lively event, and we hope everybody was able to establish new, valuable contacts.

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After some small talk, they realize that they have a lot in common.

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