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To my surprise, it was 2016 and I was facing questions about how I could possibly consider dating someone of a different religion, as if it was such a foreign concept for a person to date a member of another church.

I understand that differences in religion have quite the extensive history in being problematic for romantic relationships, but I simply did not understand why people automatically assumed that this was some detrimental issue.

Yet with this particular boyfriend, this was far from my experience.

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Since when did I live in a world where a boyfriend and girlfriend could not come from different backgrounds?

I felt these questionings to be just as inappropriate as asking a white woman why she was dating a black man.

Like presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, my Jewishness comes not only from heritage but also from culture — an undeniable connection with other people who share the label.

No, I don’t attend temple and my best attempt at a consistent religious practice is a weekly routine of watching .

Yes, a bat mitzvah (or "bar mitzvah" if you’re a guy) is the Jewish equivalent of a .

Dating someone different religion

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