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This means that hundreds, or even thousands, of candidates can be tested from the click of a button, and their data can be compiled and reported automatically.

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Therefore, candidates looking to practise psychometric tests for an upcoming assessment should use the following advice to maximise their chances of performing to their best: 1.

Practise thoroughly: Practice reduces anxiety and helps you perform to the best of your ability.

Generally speaking, psychometric tests for selection and assessment can be grouped into two categories, cognitive ability tests (aptitude tests) and personality questionnaires. Due to the range of psychometric tests on the market, it is always advisable to discuss psychometric testing with an expert before deciding on the use of psychometric tests in the workplace.

Aptitude tests are measures of cognitive ability (intelligence) and personality questionnaires measure specific personality traits (such as the 'big five' personality traits). Numerical reasoning tests Critical thinking tests Personality questionnaires are even more versatile and can measure the following variables: 1. Medium to large employers may use bespoke psychometric tests in their selection processes.

Organisations may use bespoke psychometric tests to express their values, expertise and specialisation to candidates, especially when used as the initial screening tool.

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