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What I stumbled upon accidentally, turned out to be my greatest asset.I did one simple thing to make me stand out from the crowd. Watch for these signs and you’ll know what to look for in a woman to see if she is interested in you, desires to be approached, and what you can do to up your odds of success.

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But don't be put off by the site’s appearance; the content is what matters and is usually put together very carefully.

describes itself as the world's largest swingers community. At least, this website platform established in the Netherlands in 2000 is the clear market leader in terms of "swinger travel." About 10 times a year complete hotel facilities, cruise ships or similar are rented to create an undisturbed place for several hundred swinger couples. is clearly number one in many European countries and is proud of their more than 3 million registrations. The website looks a little old-fashioned but don't let that fool you.

Even though I’ve just gone on about the source of quote, don’t worry too much if it doesn’t have an author — it will still do the work for you.

‘The existence of thick seams of coal is powerful evidence and a problem for long-age geologists.

Chose a quote about love because after all that’s what you’re here for.

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