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With 156 episodes already aired, the magazine’s TV critic Emily Nussbaum had her work cut out for her.

Here are the different ways that she attempted to explain the show to the magazine’s crusty non-animation viewing crowd: Unfortunately, Nussbaum falls into the usual trap of cartoon viewers who resort to drug comparisons and analogies to describe animation.

She does it twice, first saying that, “It’s also the type of show that’s easy to write off as ‘stoner humor,'” and later on, referring to Pen Ward’s creation as ‘a druglike experience.’ make of the average Fleischer, Harman-Ising, or Iwerks theatrical short from the 1930s?

These reductive statements, which are almost never used to describe fine art, do a disservice to the creativity of the artwork by suggesting that animation is an indescribable art form akin to being in an altered mental state.

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