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(My hearing is too poor for that hearing aid to be of much use.) First, I don’t like the idea of the hearing aid stuck in my ear canal for 3 or 4 months at a time.

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Your smart doorbell, smoke alarm, lighting, safety equipment and appliances can be programmed to send a signal through your hearing aid to let you know, for example, that someone's at the door or that the smoke detector has gone off.

As Victoria Woollaston wrote in Wired , "Missing vital sounds like smoke alarms can be a matter of life and death." Opn can also make it easier for wearers to hear in noisy environments through its proprietary Brain Hearing technology, which boosts the parts of the signal the individual doesn't hear well, such as soft speech, and reduces other sounds.

Let's hope more of them can be applied to the needs of the hard of hearing.

This disability rights timeline lists events relating to the civil rights of people with disabilities in the United States of America, including court decisions, the passage of legislation, activists' actions, significant abuses of people with disabilities that illustrate their lack of civil rights at the time, and the founding of various organizations.

The main selling point should be that it helps you hear ever so much better. Actually, it is better that the hearing aid IS visible.

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