Difficulties dating a blind person

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User ktwounds, who is legally blind in the state of Texas (as he points out, the standards vary from state to state), notes that "voice and personality are the two major traits I 'look' for.This may be a blunt way to put it but as far as figure is concerned — once you get to that point it's rather amazing to me that what feels the best to the touch (curves) isn't really what many find appealing to the eye.

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The future of our relationship for me was uncertain.

In fact, while I was in the hospital receiving the unsuccessful treatment to salvage my sight, I told her to just leave me and to put me in a home.

It's not the size of your thesaurus that matters, it's how you use it.6. Unfortunately names user Dont Drop Th Soap wrote, "In my opinion it also kind of makes being intimate with someone even more special because it's the one time I can really take in all of her features and truly appreciate the beauty of another person."7. User J_D_X wrote in about his relationship with his fiancé: "I know her presence so well that she can be across the room, and I can still feel connected to her, as if I were touching her.

I don't have super hearing, but the sound of her feet on the floor, her breathing in, her flicking her hair, is amplified by my concentration. Close your eyes and listen carefully." And I'll leave you on that devastatingly beautiful note.

My wife is an extremely beautiful woman, I know this because I talk to her and she talks to me."2. Britt Sprink, who taught two students with visual impairments noted that "the absolutely number one thing she would talk about was a boy's voice.

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