Dj sbu dating terry pheto

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Sibusiso Leope - DJ Sbu DJ 'Speedy' was caught in 2007 driving his Audi TT at 257 km/h in a 120 zone. Three ADT security guards were injured in the accident.

The sad thing is that this just gets their names in the news and benefits their careers.

In fact, KO is never shy to share his workout pictures on Twitter and Instagram, he added. O wrote a note on Twitter and Instagram saying he forgives the people that are spreading these rumours.

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The latest victim is Ntokozo Mdluli best known as K. His recording company Afrotainment released a statement saying that they understand that millions of fans miss the artist and reassured them that he is alive- he was just sick and he will come back.

In the statement Mashesha expressed disappointment about the rumours.

R Mashesha tried to clear the rumours about his HIV status again to Drum Magazine. He expressed his disappointment that people declared him dead.

“It really hurts that people would say that about me, but I am alive and kicking,” he said. Os rumours cut so deep that in an attempt to stop the trending rumours, K.

Mdududzi Tshabalala – Mandoza In 2008 Mandoza was involved in a car crash where his Chrysler Crossfire collided with a VW Jetta.

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