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Even David Cameron and his predecessors have admitted that up to 10% of those in jail for what would be very serious offences could very well be innocent. They are quick to tell us that, “No system is perfect.” Only this last week, local councils have been complaining that so called ‘victims’ of abuse from many years ago have started various legal actions for what supposedly happened to them in their past, often 20, 30 or even 40 years ago when they were in care.Because there is no Statute of Limitations the police investigate as if the alleged offence was committed yesterday, the whole ‘child protection’ machine rolls into action and the defendant – if one dare use the term – can do nothing because the only evidence is ‘here-say’ and uncorroborated but, thanks to a ruling by naive Law Lords years ago, can not only be admitted into court but often provides the backbone of the prosecution case.Some years ago, the German government abolished payouts for sex abuse cases except where there was corroborated evidence.

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The Opinion would suggest that without a Statute of Limitation we are all potential targets for this type of action.

If someone has genuinely been abused, despite what the ‘experts’ tell us, it is unlikely that they would really wait 40 years to tell anyone, and to be frank, if they do wait that long, their motives for so belatedly bringing the accusation should be examined in the finest detail. True, you may be completely innocent but that will not save you from a legal system that allows such easy convictions for alleged offences that are so old, based on often non-existent evidence and are impossible to prove one way or the other, yet which have a big fat cheque waiting for the lucky winner.

The sentence is often small as the sentence has to reflect the law in force at the time but the payout to the ‘victim’ is often in the tens of thousands of pounds.

Meanwhile, the damage done to often innocent people and their families is catastrophic.

Liberal Democrat MP, Mike Hancock was recently investigated by the police for indecent assault as well as being accused of being a ‘paedophile’ in the recent election.

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