Free trial milf chatline - Dreamweaver crashes updating site cache

by  |  14-Apr-2017 14:44

The following information describes how to handle each one.

dreamweaver crashes updating site cache-25

Over the time Dreamweaver accumulates here thousands empty entries like path XXX and infinitely loop over them when starting.

So, removing all this entries makes DW start in 3 seconds.

Sometimes, deleting this file is not sufficient, and you need to delete your personal configuration folder in its entirety.

WARNING: Do not confuse your personal configuration folder with the main configuration folder in Program Files in Windows or Applications on a Mac.

This is where it can be found in Dreamweaver CS3: Windows 7/Vista: The personal configuration folder for Dreamweaver 8 and older is in a similar location, except you should replace "Adobe" with "Macromedia" and substitute the appropriate version of Dreamweaver in the path name.

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