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Excerpts from the autobiography published in British newspapers reveal that Edwina was an extremely promiscuous lady and took lovers as and when she wished.Lord Mountbatten was aware of all this and at one stage in their marriage he too joined the fun and took on a lover as if to compete with his wife, their daughter Pamela reveals in her autobiography.Edwina was constantly cribbing about their married life.

"I am deeply appalled and devastated by the allegations of assault on a young woman by Grace Mugabe.

It is worrying especially since the assault happened during the month when we commemorate women for their role in the liberation struggle.

Mountbatten let Nehru and Edwina walk together while he dropped behind and walked with Pamela.

Edwina was a reckless lover and fornicated with abandon, a habit which started when Mountbatten was away for Naval duties.

Gerüchte, wonach es dabei in den Ohren knacke, sind wirklich nur Gerüchte.

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