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" When Little Boy's older brother London is old enough, he signs up to fight in World War II but is found to be 4F, making his father feel obligated to join the military and serve his country.After a tearful goodbye, Little Boy's father is shipped out, leaving him with his mother, brother and a priest.The war in Japan ended after the dropping of Atomic bombs on the Japanese mainland, one had the code name "Little Boy." Little Boy makes friends with an elderly Japanese man as he comes to see him for who he is and not simply his ethnic makeup.

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I am not questioning the dropping of the bombs but the implication that this child somehow feels responsible for them.

At one point, a woman on the street holding a newspaper says to Little Boy as he rides by on his bike, "You did it." She means it in a positive way but the idea that so many other dads had to die to possibly bring one home is a bit disturbing. According to David Henrie, it was inspired by Norman Rockwell's paintings.

He wants to bring his father back home from the war.

Employing a variety of tactics and banking on his exuberant spirit, the boy sets off to achieve his goal.

The California seaside town depicted here was built from the ground up, just for this film.

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