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by  |  22-Jan-2017 04:55

What might be the perfect solution for one customer might not be right for others.

Ektron updating search catalogs

Ameex took the unique challenges faced by CVG and used them as inspiration for creating brand new websites for Bostrom Seating and National Seating.

Thanks to a dealer locator placed front and center, customers can now find products available in their area based upon their zip code.

Doing so will ensure that your pages’ URLs will contain the relevant keywords for their content, and it will help search engines understand the relevance of each page within your site.

Episerver offers many ways to create products for sale or download, but this means that multiple variations of the same content can exist within a site, especially if the data from one product is reused for another product.

Given the company’s products and markets, CVG found itself in a unique situation in developing websites for its subsidiaries Bostrom Seating and National Seating.

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