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=DIt doesn't have any questions, but it's really worth playing! Eventually when you go there on like Day 5 or 6 or something, you will see Terrance and Elias there with Veon tied up.

From: The Grey Heavens LOTR Song: The council of Elrond LORT part: The Return of the King LORT location: Mina's Tirith Idol Boys Sims: A dating simulator for girls! Click on that and Karina will add something to that picture. Every day you come back will have another drawing added on, and you add on something.

Glinda (Wicked) Age: 20 years old Birthday: July 26 Sign: The Tower Phone number: 1-541-7140-290 Favorites: Drink: Wine Food: Anything Healthy Colors: Black and Blue Location: The Night Club Stats: Magic and Romance Song: "Popular" Wicked LOTR book: The Two Towers Quote: "O, beware, my lord of jealousy." Videogame: Prince Of War Measurements: Weight: 52 KG Height: 166 cm. NAME- Fantine Nessarose Glinda Elphaba Eponine Cossette AGE- 21 18 20 19 18 20 B-DAY- 30-May 22-Mar 26-Jul 14-Dec 19-Feb 11-Nov SIGN- spring Guardian tower witch nigh... HEIGHT- 169 156 166 171 159 152 WEIGHT- 51 50 52 55 46 41 BREAST- 83 75 79 84 71 79 HIP- 80 80 81 81 75 70 WAIST- 52 54 52 53 49 48 DRINK- beer not much wine water water water FOOD - junk diet healthy Nothing special healthy diet PLACE- beach casino night club dark city woods (twilight valley) Lot R - hobbit return of king two towers fellowship of the ring return of king hobbit STATS- (speed&strength)(charm&strength)(magic&r... I fucking hate Naruto...: She wants to live in Japan. Bookmarkd Three brothers January 18th PAAASTAAAA~!!! Once you buy all 12 roses, go to the Woods and plant all 12 roses by clicking on the ground or something.

" Videogame: Unreal Flash Measurements: Weight: 50 KG Height: 156 cm. Aktivieren Sie Java Script und laden Sie die Seite noch einmal. "Pico Sim Date: Nene Chow:[email protected]165 cm tall133 IQInstantious53 for waist... Pico Sim Date 2: Sabrina: Dark Glow Magma Red Garden... Peanut butter and jelly Thin-haired weasels Sweet strawberry icecream (dessert)She hates fish She hates Family Studies in school September 13th is her birthday She works in a fish factory Her favorite clothing... *Headdesk* "Razor Sharp..."Emotion flashes Erika: June 8th Boom Boom Sports Drink Shoot Out Vex'd up South Portal School Mini-Golf Park Hates Science Jeffy Ultimo California Mia: Favourite band – Salt & Vanilla Favorite styling – Dremio Favorite music – Rn BBirth date – April 30Science preferred – Math Shinii Works as waitress Kate *Facepalm* seriously? Raine: Buy 12 roses from Aiden, eventually while you buy them he'll give you a shovel.

" Videogame: Armor RPG Experiment Measurements: Weight: 51 KG Height: 169 cm. If you clicked the correct keys, you should see a cut-scene and after that you can start talking to her.

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