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Hurricanes, earthquakes, sinkholes, rising seas, the threat of nuclear annihilation: It doesn’t take a doomsday prophet to know we’re living in unstable times.

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NASA, meanwhile, has repeatedly said that the planet Nibiru does not exist.

A Christian website called Unsealed similarly argues that Sept. The site produced a video on the significance of the date focusing on the rapture, a sudden event that some Christian traditions claim will whisk true believers up to heaven while nonbelievers suffer years of torment on Earth. To make a trippy story short, the passage goes something like this: A pregnant woman gives birth to a son and flees to the wilderness for 1,260 days. And yes, Jesus himself said that, regarding the timing of the end of the world, “no one knows.” Though there is a long Christian tradition of studying eschatology—matters related to the afterlife and the end of the world—those making literal predictions based are far from the mainstream.

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We should point out at this point that the Bible specifically says that no one will know the date of Jesus’ return, with Matthew saying, ‘However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself.’Unsealed says, ‘2017 to 2024 offers the only timeline in recent memory where the Tribulation of 2550 days could begin unquestionably on a Fall Feast date and end on a Fall Feast date.

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