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"So as long as I have people like that saying, 'Great job,' and the executives ... But I'm not going to lie, I buy a lot of those magazines that are saying that stuff. When spoke with the Fox Sports reporter on Thursday, she was on her way to a photo shoot, brushing up on baseball stats to cover a Dodgers-Giants game on Saturday, and preparing for Monday's switch-up on . Spring TV Preview: Must-watch new shows Was there any hesitation on your part when they approached you to replace Brooke Burke-Charvet? I think it was more so, can I fit this into my everyday duties with Fox? They're the ones I first started with and I've been with the past two years."I'm not happy unless I'm crazy and doing 18 different things anyway," Andrews said. and it's neat, because it's all the same hair people, same wardrobe people, and those are the people that you spend a lot of time with besides your dance partner. Not that I'm doing any of the dancing, but just watching what the partners and the pros are coming up with, and all the creativity and using different parts of the stage and the set. I thought last week's show was one of the best shows, really, in 18 seasons. So, a lot of kudos and a lot of thanks goes to the president of Fox Sports, Eric Shanks, because he gets it. He understands, there's really something cool and very smart about having us on different networks, us reaching different demographics.

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So Fox was a concern, and just seeing if I could fit it in with my personal life. And both Fox and my family just said, 'Yeah, do it.' And the fit seemed great. Andrews: Oh, I wouldn't have liked it, but I like that the show's doing it.

I think every little twist and turn they can add to the show and spice it up — it's been on for 18 seasons, so you've got to do something to keep it new and fresh. You get in such a comfort zone with your pro dancer, and you know they know your weaknesses and your strengths.

Andrews was reportedly incredibly upset about the remarks, and Hasselbeck later issued a teary apology on air.

And although Chmerkovskiy says that the incident is now “water under the bridge,” he still got pretty fired up about the TV host’s hurtful comments toward his partner.

This will always be on the Internet.” The trial will continue today, but it is unknown if Erin will take the stand.

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