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The audition was a Skype interview with the casting director. Luckily I was able to stay calm and composed while on the show. A tip that I have learned is to pull your partner’s chin down a little and slightly caress the back of the head.

Then the casting director interviewed me again to send the tape to the network. Tongue is always nice, but don’t be sloppy with it.

In all honesty, Jesus would be great to have a drink with and talk to because he could share life’s mysteries and the eternal spiritual realm experiences.

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Xue said that serving the Chinese-speaking community is one of her top priorities as the Chinese language librarian.

“We offer free ESL classes and conversation group for English learners and we’ve also been working with Chinese information and service center to present life-skill workshops to help the new immigrants to get to know the American society, financial and healthcare systems,” said Xue who works mostly with Chinese seniors.

On the other hand, Sam Kwan, 29, whose cousin works at the Seattle Public Library, felt there are plenty of opportunities to make new friends. “I just come out and have fun.” Librarian Nonie Xue said the speed dating event turned out to be a success with great participants.

Warren Chin, who led the event planning was instrumental in making the program happen.

“I feel job searching is also an area where some of the younger Chinese new immigrants need help, such as how to write a resume, apply for a job, and where to find job opportunities,” Xue said.

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