who is joey king dating - Excel formulas are delayed updating totals

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Microsoft Excel provides the ability for cells in one worksheet to be linked to cells in one or more other worksheets.

This is a great productivity tool and can reduce the need for additional worksheets!

This saves time, reduces errors, and improves data integrity.

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It is not a definitive text on calculation of delay damages.

There are normally many components to consider when calculating delay damages and the Eichleay formula deals with only one of these components.

Consider a Sales Manager who has a detailed spreadsheet for each salesperson, but would like a summary sheet to compare salespersons' performance and create grand totals. In the example below, using Method One, we click in cell B6 in the source worksheet and click Copy.

The summary sheet (destination) would bring in data from all the salespersons' sheets (source). Then, on the destination worksheet, we click in cell B3, and paste the link. We follow the same steps to link the data from the Denver and Seattle worksheets to the Store Totals worksheet.

This is just one of many reasons the Excel software program is so powerful.

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