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The freedom of information request was one in a series filed by CBC News to get a more accurate sense of Kitch's expenses, after discrepancies were discovered in financial reports posted online by the hospital.The IWK, like the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation and all other arm's-length government agencies, is required to post its CEO's travel and hospitality expenses online.

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The spreadsheet obtained by CBC News says it actually cost $4,880.38.

The leaked report also includes Air Canada flight passes, used to pay for travel to various business meetings.

Among other things, the statements detail: Stephen D'Arcy, chief financial officer for the IWK, responded to CBC's requests for interviews with Kitch and hospital management.

D'Arcy said Kitch's expenses were either "incurred in the normal course of business" or were errors and refunded to the hospital.

Statements dating back to August 2014 for the corporate credit card of the Halifax-based IWK Health Centre's CEO were released through freedom of information requests filed by CBC News.

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