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Finally, we find no signature of episodic molecular evolution related to either speciation events or the K-Pg boundary that could systematically mislead inferences from genetic data.

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Conflict between the two sources of information is especially evident with respect to the ages of extant avian lineages (Neornithes).

Based on a strict interpretation of the fossil record (i.e. The conflicting age estimates thus have different implications regarding the influence of the K-Pg mass extinctions on the evolutionary radiation of modern birds.

Even with a complete fossil record and perfect molecular clock a discrepancy is expected between fossil (FA) and molecular (MA) age estimates.

As diagnostic morphological characters generally evolve (that suggests conflict, and distressingly large values sometimes exist.

accounting for 'ghost' lineages in the fossil record and developing more realistic models of rate evolution for molecular genetic sequences), the consistent and conspicuous disagreement between these two sources of data more likely reflects a genuine difference between estimated ages of (i) stem-group origins and (ii) crown-group morphological diversifications, respectively.

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