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Nine rice dishes, several of the donburi variety, follow suit.Next on the menu are three platters which are served with steamed rice, small salad, soup and small dish of the day.During our inaugural visit to Aya’s New Asian Japanese Cuisine on Menaul, we experienced gratitude and friendliness so sincere and authentic that we couldn’t help but be touched.

There are seven starters on the menu, including three recently added (such as the green chile Ohitashi and poke salad).

Four ala carte tempura options and miso soup can also be ordered as starters.

Aya was delighted in my knowledge and appreciation of the kabuki practices depicted so colorfully. In Japanese, appending a name with the suffix “san” is a title of respect which can be used with both female and male names and with either given names or surnames.

With an amazing command of English–considering she’s only been in America for about a year–she told us about her life in Okinawa. It can also be attached to the name of occupations and titles.

Her self-effacing modesty in accepting compliments on her English was but one thing we immediately liked about her. In Japan, restaurant owners are often called mama-san or papa-san by both customers and employees.

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