Female midget sex

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A: One is a cunning runt, and the other is a running cunt. A: When he is standing next to your miss saying her hair smells nice Q: Why can't midgets wear tampons? A: Tom (DICK) & harry Q: What do you call a psychic midget wanted by the police? Q: What did 1 small person say to the other on a swing?

Female midget sex-85

A: Hand him a step stool before you start talking to him. "I can't imagine what it will be like making love to a midget," said the woman, "especially with the size difference and all." "Just take off your clothes, lie back on the bed, spread your legs apart and close your eyes," said the midget.

After a few drinks they went back to the tall woman's apartment.

A: A paragraph cause he's too short to be an essay.

Q: What do you get when you cross a midget with a prostitute?

Microwave: (noun) A hand gesture used by a midget to say hello. I was going to write a joke about alcoholic midgets but I don't want to lower the bar. Chuck Norris once roundhouse kicked a midget and it burst into 25 gold coins.

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