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The difference between the Victorian clubs though and today, is that this club is inclusive not exclusive, and feature a beautiful woman on the premises for the evening who is respected, admired and welcomed as an equal.

The use of the word 'amateur' here, derives from the Latin, 'one who loves', rather than meaning poorly organised, and I would describe myself as a connoisseur.

The parties are arranged in a professional manner and nothing is left to chance when they are put on, though there are only a few each year.

It does require input and effort from you to get the most out of it, and there are club rules.

Around 1999 I saw an amateur gangbang club advertised, but before I could attend it closed down and I have not seen one like it since.

I intend to bust your preconceptions about what a sex club should be like, though whether I survive the legions of prudes, is another matter.

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