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The service and space are casual but nice, so you can impress without looking like you’re trying too hard. (East Village) Best for: When you’re in the mood for Chinese but want to step up your game.

The sit-down sister restaurant to Jason Wang’s Xi’an Famous Foods chainlet, Biang!

The room is attractively snug, yet there’s still some space between the tables, which when combined with the dark, moody lighting at night will make you feel like you have some real privacy.

Dishes like “China-quiles” with crunchy yucca chips draw on Wu’s heritage and fine-dining experience at restaurants like Per Se, and it’s the rare Chinese restaurant with an excellent, interesting wine list, so you can get adult beverages appropriate for the occasion.

Birds & Bubbles (Lower East Side) Best for: Champagne, with some chicken on the side.

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