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Flirt for free jonesville la

What was going through Morris’s mind when he faced his attackers? The owners of the Concordia Sentinel never hesitated in following the story. I have interviewed hundreds of people in some unusual places—in cornfields, cemeteries and nursing homes.

We knew some would be angered to read about the parish’s ugly racial past. Daughters and sons of Klansmen contact me, as do victims of racial violence and elderly women who recount their experiences during those racially turbulent days.

Then in her mid-50’s, she called me from Las Vegas. I could hear the pain of that 12-year-old girl in her voice and it reminded me of the time in high school when I witnessed the death of a young family in a fiery automobile accident. At first I tried to contact every officer who worked in Concordia Parish during the 1960’s, ’70’s and ’80’s.

“Thank you,” she said, letting me know she had learned more about her grandfather’s death from one Sentinel article than she had during the past four decades. Thinking about Morris, I wondered how in God’s name one human could purposely set another on fire. One irate reader called to find out my ultimate goal. Old men now, many remain furious about what happened to Morris.

A Klan team of arsonists left the charred, smoldering ruins of the shoe shop as a message to Negroes about the price of crossing a white man.

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