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If she tells you to smile while she whips your cock and balls, that's what you'll do.

You body mind and soul will belong to your mistress for however long the session lasts.

As your master rams his cock into your arse you wonder how far he will go.

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You have opened your bottle of lube enough to know this sound. Well as you feel him withdraw his cock from your arse the cold sensation of lube hits you. I can tell you if you really want to know She's laughing so hard you feel your cheeks flush red and hot.

No sooner have you felt that sensation, you then feel him insert two fingers.. But even though your embarrassed to fuck by her laughing and pointing at it, you can't stop your little cock getting hard. "fucking pathetic little maggot cock Dirty little wanker little faggot fucking dirty perv! You body throbs with pleasure at her obvious distaste for you.

You spin around just in time to see a blur of black and then nothing.

You are now hooded and being forcefully dragged somewhere.

It's a amazing how quick you can remove your clothes when under pressure..

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