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BTW: I never blame immigrants who are only doing what many of us would do (go to better country) - or say they caused the problems - for those that slur & misrepresent me.We have made our kids lose out being in the EU, as firms and government would rather take skilled workers from a vast supply of immigrants than train British young adults.Even if we could build 100,000 homes every year it still would not be enough for 300,000 extra immigration - also we know young Brits cannot get social housing any more.

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Many have blamed us 'old people' for voting out - but many of us 'old people' have seen what is happening over the decades.

I am still amazed we had more than 5% of the population voting to stay who *still* cannot see the problems getting worse in the EU or that us remaining makes our problems worse (staying in wasn't solving these problems).

Also, this refugee problem that they cannot handle is tiny to what is to come with .

People only have to look at what is happening: skilled & semi-skilled Brit wages held down - less housing & jobs available to Brits - Pension Pyramid Scam (immigrants get old too, as do their children, grandchildren...) - worsening food/water/ energy security - many more crimes - greater congestion - more NHS overstretch...

However, the truth is Tony Blair got John Scarlett and JIC to alter the intelligence - so it was in fact 'falsified intelligence' and not flawed.

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