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Parvus met Lenin in Zurich in May 1915 to discuss his plans.Lenin stubbornly preferred Switzerland as the victim of the conspiracy.Everything according to the stenographic report of the court published in Alfred Mousset's book "L'Attentat de Sarajevo", Paris, 1930. It has also been kept secret that an attempt was made to murder Grigori Rasputin in Pokrovskoye in Siberia at exactly the same time.

It was this Volpi who, in October 1922, brought the socialist-fascist Benito Mussolini into power, making the King appoint him prime minister. Mussolini had been especially pleased with the murder of the Russian Prime Minister Stolypin, whom he called "the tyrant by the Neva" in an article.

Volpi became minister of finance in Mussolini's government.

The Austrian freemason and Bolshevik Karl Radek (Tobiach Sobel-sohn) also knew about this. Radek knew Ziganovic personally from his time in Paris.

He tried to reveal the secrets about the war during the trial against him in Moscow in 1937, but Stalin's lackeys shut him up. Litman Rosenthal explained in the newspaper American Jews' News on the 19th of September 1919 that the First World War was brought about through the intrigues of the Jews and that all this was planned in Basel as early as 1903."We shall force the goyim into a war by exploiting their pride, arrogance and stupidity. They will force each other out of their countries, which we shall then be able to give to our people." Karl Heise published the British freemasons' map of Europe from 1888.

Parvus had worked from Salonica in Greece, where he got into contact with the powerful local Masonic organization.

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