Frum dating advice

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Be proud of your strength that you are not abashed that when you walk in the street your friends and acquaintances perceive that here walks a Jewish woman who adheres to the "Laws of Moshe and Yisroel" so much so, that you do not desire to conceal it. 6-7 With regard to your writing about covering your hair there is absolutely no question regarding this matter: Since G-d clearly said that for the benefit of the wife, her husband and their children the hair should not be revealed, surely it is so.

Be proud that your children know that they are different from all other Nations, that they have received the Torah, a "Torah of Life," and learn it as the singular foundation of their education. Thus it is impossible that by keeping G-d's commandments the head should hurt, etc.

I dress 100% (should I dare to say 110% because I keep many hiddurim in addition to halacha) tzniyusdik and always did.

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So I'm not here to change anyone's views, although of course I really wish for everyone-bochurim and girls-to follow not my personal views even if they b"H happen to coincide, but Hashem's, the Torah's, and the Rebbe's. Following my mother's advice, I didn't believe them and now I can see how much I was right.

The outside just shows someone's inside, and the inside is usually worse...

Because you know that other part of tznius, the one thats often forgotten? Well, us girls might have improvements to make in the way we dress, but you guys have a lot of work to do in the behavior department. You want to challenge us to being more tznius, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Just a Typical Girl So there are guys who were the garb and go to movies, there are girls who fake it too!

Specifically, we were discussing how many bochurim, with white shirts, black pants and beards, who were on shlichus, approached us this summer (while we were on shlichus as well) looking for a good time. How can a generalization be put on all boys that they are fakers?

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