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by  |  25-Jul-2017 05:07

This cost listed above, does not include the 2 new Processors i just bought for our servers.

For those who have experienced the site logging them out suddenly for a minute, or sometimes a little longer, dont fret, this wasnt the system going down.

These processors cost me a pretty penny and if Anyone can help out via donations it would be a nice Christmas/Hanukkah gift for Furr Trax.

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Hey guys, just noticed, in the last 60 days, we have only had $18 in donations, but i have paid out $315.82.

Now part of that was due to all the domains coming up for renewals which i pay for only once a year. Any help you guys can chip in is always appreciated. If there is some unique perk you want for donating, ask us, within reason, we will accomidate it.

In an effort to improve our CDN reliability, and since its mail systems have long since failed us which was its original function, we have finished migrating away from bluehost completely.

We have been having intermittent issues for a while now where the CDN goes offline, stutters horribly, and sometimes would even get its software updated, and all of our settings erased/reset with no warning. The website itself is all still run and controlled from Spartan, our main server, but the caching of images, video, css, etc, is all now migrated to the new host and so far its been working well.1.

Furry fandom is the world of fictional entertainment that portrays animals with human characteristics.

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