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Earlier, the crisis of the 1930s put the city and its mainly working-class population in a difficult situation.

To counteract the negative effects of the Great Depression, Eastview was placed under the administration of the provincial government in 1935.

This measure ended in 1963 when, having benefited from the economic upturn resulting from World War II, Eastview regained its autonomy, like many other Ontario communities that had suffered a similar fate.

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The founding of the secret society, the in 1926, in the presbytery of Saint-Charles Church, was one of those events.

The work of parish priest, Father François-Xavier Barrette, and a small group of French-speaking civil servants who wanted to protect the future of French Canadians, this society was dedicated to promoting their interests, both in the civil service and in the private sector.

It was also during this period that the area developed the urban characteristics typical of a French-Canadian neighbourhood, namely, the dominance of religion and the division of the urban area into parishes, with churches serving as centres of the French-speaking community’s social life.

While the area did have several English-speaking churches (Saint Margaret’s Anglican Church, 1887; Eastview United Church, 1913; Eastview Baptist Church, 1921), it was, nonetheless, dominated by numerous French-speaking religious institutions, which belonged to various congregations who contributed to the emergence of early French-language educational and health services.

However, it was not until 1969 that the city was named Vanier.

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