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Their case, filed Thursday in Suffolk Probate and Family Court, is impounded....

High-profile Boston divorce attorney Gerald Nissenbaum - who does not represent either woman - said just as when a sick child might keep a heterosexual union intact for a time, it’s possible that when the Goodridges’ shared goal to legalize same-sex marriage was accomplished, the steam went out of the relationship....

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“You heard Chris Rock saying that there’s nothing to make fun about Obama,” says New York stand-up comedian Nick Di Paolo, “and I was like, ‘Do you wanna make a bet?

’” Di Paolo, a familiar face on Comedy Central, doesn’t think it really matters one way or the other, though.

The Jamaica Plain lesbians whose passionate love led to the groundbreaking legalization of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts have called it quits and filed for divorce, the Herald has learned.

But one-time international gay icons Hillary and Julie Goodridge, who share custody of their 12-year-old daughter, Annie, are less eager to be poster partners for gay divorce.

Anyway, shouldn't the new administration in Washington unleash a new era of ridiculing Democrats? If anybody should be colorblind ...” If you’re laughing, then comic Julia Gorin will be performing here all week, folks.

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