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This was not a surprise to us as we kind of saw this as a possibility and have discussed how we would handle it.

We have been taking cautious steps in moving forward and making sure our son knows he has our unconditional support. I am not sure where a gay person fits into our particular faith community.

But, like any cross, sexuality is always, regardless of sexual orientation, a rather messy business.

But there are things that we cannot change in our children, like the God-given gift, and cross, of sexuality.

It is always both a gift and a cross, because it forms a part of our “vocation” or calling, that is to say, the specific way in which each of us is called to serve and connect with others and ourselves, on the cross-carrying journey.

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While all teens no matter their sexual orientation are welcome in teen chat, we understand it can be much more comfortable to chat in a place where you know everyone share at least one thing in common.

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