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I remember seeing it as an 11 year old and just thinking, “This is amazing! You would never see that now-a-days since Disney and Warner are major (competing) studios in both live-action and animation categories. Right off the bat in the of the movie we are introduced to our main character Roger in his element, performing in a maroon cartoon.

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With that said, I’m happy to say we are BACK on track for the final 3 tribute videos which will be (starting with this blog’s tribute) as our final Save The Cat video tribute.

Thanks to everyone who has emailed me about the video tributes that have been posted so far.

It’s great fun to watch; both as a fan and a writer / filmmaker. After “realizing” the way beats are used in all movies and how setups and payoffs are an essential part of storytelling, you’ll find watching movies a whole new experience. tribute video, for any of you interested in screenwriting or just knowing more about how movies are written, I leave you with this challenge – Read Save The Cat!

and start looking for the beats in your favorite movies (new and old.) I do it all the time and it not only makes me a better filmmaker, its just a heck of alot of fun. Tribute Videos with tags blake snyder, jeremy snead, mediajuice studios, robert zemeckis, save the cat!

Just when you think something scandalous is going on, the upside down world of “toon logic” is introduced.

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