Cam to cam show chat egyptian - Group policy favorites not updating

by  |  20-Nov-2017 09:08

For more info about the settings in the sync client, see Use Office 2016 to sync Office files that I open. After we finish rolling out to the Production ring, we release to the second ring, "Enterprise." Selecting the Enterprise ring gives you up to 60 days to prepare for updates and control their deployment within your organization.

Enabling this policy sets the following registry key value to 1: [HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\One Drive] "Enable Enterprise Update"=dword:00000001 If you enable this setting, One Drive sync clients in your domain (including those used for syncing personal accounts) will be updated during the second ring.

This policy sets the following registry key to a string that specifies the file path.

[HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\One Drive\Default Root Dir] ""="" If you enable this setting, the local One Drive – folder location will default to %userprofile%.

If you disable this setting, users are allowed to sync personal One Drive accounts.

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