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If you suspect she's being abused, and you're approaching her for the first time: Don't focus on what a loser he is; in our survey, the top reason women stayed with an abusive partner was that they still loved him, so dismissing that love won't help. "The victim feels anger from her partner already," says Miriam Ehrensaft, Ph.

D., associate professor of psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

But I've noticed he doesn't always treat you well, and I'm concerned about you."If she says her boyfriend isn't abusive, or if she defends him: Hard as it is, try to listen.

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By doing this they are able to let that professional know of an acute deterioration of the patient's condition that the patient may not report to their doctor or therapist until the next appointment.

And that might be too late and not before a relapse has begun to happen.

"Instead, try: "I don't want to talk about him.

I want to talk about you."If she leaves but then goes back to him: Be patient.

The AA and other 12 Step support network is extensive and works well with cooperative alcoholics and substance abuse patients who need and accept help, but there are few coordinated and seamless outpatient programs for recently discharged uncooperative and non-compliant psychiatric and substance abusing patients who don't follow through on treatment.

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