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Age: 16 years old Height: 165 cm (5'5") Weight: 54 kg Weapons of choice: double Walther P99 for handguns, for backups a model 95 and double daggers for melee Known as: "Quadra" and "Lupin IV" Riko Mine Lupin the 4th (峰 理子 Mine Riko? She is a friend of Kinji's, whom she calls Ki-kun, and is enrolled with him in the Butei Inquesta department. Although known as the biggest idiot in Kinji's class, she seems to hold a lot of information including info on the students of Butei High school.

She likes customizing her uniform into Lolita style and playing dating sim video games.

It soon turns out that after Riko's parents died in a car crash at the age of 8, Vlad took her in by pretending to be her relative but then locked her up in his dungeon to attempt to create an ideal 5th Lupin descendant, since Riko had failed to inherit her predecessors' superior gene, and was therefore deemed a failure.

She was mistreated horribly while imprisoned; she was provided with only rags to wear, and had to sustain herself only on dirty water and rotten meat.

Riko and Aria have similar traits: small stature, the title of "Quadra", twin-tail hairsyle (in Riko's case, her hair is not entirely split in half unlike Aria), and being the fourth generation of their families.

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