High functioning autism and dating fun dating questions to ask a girl

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Life changed a lot for me after diagnosis as it brought a lot of the problems in my life into focus, such as relationships, dedication to specific tasks, and why my thinking patterns were always different [from others].The diagnosis was actually a great relief, giving some coherence to my experiences and my behavior as a kid/ adult, such as liking routine, always wearing the same clothes, difficulties in social situations and disliking change.Finding an adult with autism, especially in the age of social media, is an easy task, but interviewing one is more difficult.

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” only to meet my deadpan Airplane response, “Yes, I know,” or “Yes, it is.”Dating as an autistic person is a real crazy thing.

Personally, I dislike bright lights and loud music in nightclubs so that made it difficult for a start.

What are some of the challenges of living with Asperger’s Syndrome?

I suffer from anxiety and depression, some of which can be brought on by pressure in social situations, such as loud music, bright lights in shops, crowds, and when I feel as though my personal space is invaded.

Although adults with ASD have more experience living with the hurdles of their condition, everyday tasks and chores are nonetheless slightly more difficult.

High functioning autism and dating

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