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IHSMTA categories include Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Scenic Design of a Musical, Best Direction of a Musical, and Best Overall Production.

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The "trailer" shows the former couple pining after each other over the top of 'What I've Been Looking For' from the first film, and it's so well done and bittersweet that it's making every '00s teenager long for another sequel.

A follow-up to the Disney Channel movies was announced last year, but none of the OG cast will be retuning for the sequel – which we guess makes sense as most of them are pushing 30 now.

And while Troy, Gabriella and pals might not be returning to East High anytime soon, they are all still friends IRL, meaning there are enough reunions between the cast to keep our inner teenage Wildcat happy.

4” despite a very slim chance for it to be realized.

Style Haul will help grow Tisdale’s presence across social media and also help her forge brand partnerships.

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