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“Obviously we’ve got a lot of users on the site hailing from the Pacific Northwest, [and] I know a lot of people in Madison, Wisconsin, are using the site,” Fox says.“But in places where there aren’t a lot of Berners to begin with, the site’s a great tool just to find someone who—like [a Bernie Singles user] in a small town in Montana alluded to—isn’t trying to ‘Make America Great Again.’” Does being a Sanders supporter really signal a more fully developed sense of empathy, honesty, and concern for America? “I work in grassroots politics here in Texas, and if there had been a dating site for activists and political junkies, I would have joined it a long time ago.

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I’ve had a few friend requests but haven’t had any message conversations besides that.” Calkins has joined a few Bernie Singles groups, including one called Bernie Ideas, but says she was already familiar with most of the strategies she found there, like volunteering, phone banking, and canvassing.

Bernie Singles intrigued Griffin Winkworth, a 24-year-old Houston resident who’s involved in grassroots politics, because it’s the first dating site he’s come across that is built around interest in a popular political figure.

“And he can’t be bought by the interests who run the world by buying everyone else. The ultimate decent human being.” Jocelyn says that obviously one would want to hang out and potentially partner with someone who also appreciates such traits.

For her, Sanders supporters tend to be “compassionate yay-sayers …

“A large [amount] of Sanders’ millennial support, I think, comes from our [common] experiences in the recession that started in 2007,” Winkworth says.

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