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It turns out the rumors of a Viacom investment and partnership with social network Tagworld were accurate.

It would have every high school, every college, every graduate school, every summer program, every employer, everyone.""We securely host address books for more than 40 million people (and growing rapidly).

And now, we're bringing those address books to life with "Pulse," a new way to enrich your connection with the people in your life.""Tagged helps people keep in touch with their friends and make new ones.

Waterfalls are the most impressive gift of nature during the rainy season in India.

There are a list of breathtaking and astonishing waterfalls in India, surrounded by the big walls of rock, dense forest and lush green trees.

As I said above, comparisons will inevitably be drawn to Ning and white label social networks (see our overview of various white label services here and here). While it is most like Ning, the walls between the Flux networks are very porous – uses drag content (photos, videos, etc.) between sites, perhaps grabbing a video from the 50Cent site and presenting it on their profile at the MTV site.

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