millionaries club dating - How to stop twitter from updating facebook

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He didn't remember activating the option and couldn't figure out how to disable it.Even if you knowingly signed up for Facebook's photo syncs and are now having second thoughts, you'll be glad to learn that disabling Facebook's automatic photo uploads from your i Phone, i Pad, or Android device takes only a couple of seconds.

The Facebook Help Center provides step-by-step instructions for disabling Photo Sync on Android phones, i Phones, and i Pads from within the Facebook app itself.

Here's the nutshell version: Android: Press the main menu in the top-left corner and choose Account Photos, and toggle the Facebook setting to Off.

In the same way that you can interact with your bank via SMS to check account balances or pay your cell phone bill with a text message, Whats App wants you to receive information from business, such as receipts for flight information.

The good news is, Whats App is (for now) continuing to put you in control.

Fortunately, you can opt out and remove yourself from the whole situation very easily.

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