Illinois personal dating single rule on dating friend ex

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As the quality of swinger events, websites and clubs improves, more people are willing to join the fun. Swing Life yields pages of matches, many of which are within a mile of where you are. Numerous studies and polls give widely varying results on how many swingers there really are.

We like to hang out at the beach, bbq's, go camping, and go dancing. The sexually free are found in every community, and within every demographic.

The Life Style is growing and reaching new levels all the time.

We are a fun, out going couple, confident, secured couple who loves to share the hot energey with others. You probably see a swinger everyday, only you don't see them.

We are looking for like minded couples and on occasion single females or males. Chances are that your neighbor, an associate at work or even a family member is a swinger.

Virtually all men fantasize about having two girls, and many women admit to fantasizing about sex with two men.

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