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It sets out a number of critical questions that should be asked by both shareholders and boards, including the following: PIRC’s UK Shareowner Voting Guidelines 2017 Pensions and Investment Research Consultants Ltd (PIRC) published the 24th edition of its UK Shareowner Voting Guidelines in April 2017. PIRC has made several key changes in the 2017 Guidelines, including: PIRC regards the provision of non-audit services as a significant material risk factor that can compromise auditors' ability to confront directors on difficult issues.

Accordingly PIRC will normally recommend abstention in relation to the vote on the auditor’s re-appointment where non-audit fees are between 25 per cent and 50 per cent of audit fees, and oppose re-appointment if non-audit fees exceed 50 per cent of audit fees for either the year under review or over the previous three years.

An advisory stakeholder panel, comprised of members from companies, asset owners, asset managers, and other constituencies, will be established to provide input to the preparation of the consultation and any subsequent revisions to the Principles.

Tomorrow’s Company: NEDs – Monitors to Partners Tomorrow’s Company announced publication of a new report “NEDS – Monitors to Partners” in June 2017.

In publishing its new review, the BPP Group aims to achieve its original objectives and seeks to improve practice and transparency in the market.

The aim is to ensure that the Principles should be able to be applied in all markets for which voting research and analysis is provided, and by all providers of such services.

The 2017 Guidelines also state that the company should disclose in its subsequent annual report steps taken to engage with shareowners on the substantive concerns represented by any ‘significant’ votes.

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