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From this point on until 1969, various other inventors made similar lights and improved on the technology, but with no major breakthroughs.During this period, Century Lighting (now Strand) started retailing such units specially made to order, retrofitted onto any of their existing lanterns up to 750 W to control pan and tilt.

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This lamp was also known as the 'Mac-Spot' In Bristol in 1968, progress was also being made, mainly for use in live music.

Peter Wynne Wilson refers to the use of 1 k W profiles, with slides onto which gobos were printed, inserted from a reel just like on a slide projector.

For this reason, intelligent lighting is also known as automated lighting, moving lights or moving heads.

There are many patents for intelligent lighting dating back from 1906, with Edmond Sohlberg of Kansas City, USA.

Vari-Lite retroactively named the original system "series-100".

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